Black Horse Nano Gambir Gel

This all-natural gel is unlike any other delay gel on the market. Nano Gambir Gel is made from nature’s finest sexually enhancing ingredients. Not only that, Nano Gambir Gel can be applied a long time before needed, meaning you can be confident of being in full control when you most need it.

It has been specially formulated to help delay orgasm and ejaculation, which means that your partner will never be disappointed.

The effects of Nano Gambir Gel is not just about staying power it also has the added bonus of giving you a much greater build up during sex resulting in the ultimate orgasm.

How to Use?

1. Apply the gel at least 30min before sex. For maximum performance, do not wait more than 2 hours.

2. Press the tube and put the gel on your finger and massage it at the penis head (top and bottom).

If you want to last much longer, massage additional gel on your penis shaft.

3. If your wife want to do blowjob, you need to wash your penis before sex. Wash with water only. DO NOT WASH WITH SOAP.


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