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Digital Quran Al-Fatih (Malay)

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Do you fall into these categories?

  • Your tajwid recitation is poor. You are unable to know where or what is idgham or izhar.
  • Your long and irregular working hours always prevent you from attending Al-Quran classes.
  • While reading Al-Quran, you do not understand the meaning but too 'busy' or lazy to check Al-Quran's translation.
  • You admire and dream to be able to recite Al-Quran as beautifully as your friends but do not know how.
  • You need to teach your children to read Al-Quran at home but time is always the factor.

The above situations and reasons are very real! Many Muslims around the world are facing them... are you one of them?


Do not get agitated or upset when we make these statements:

  • Majority of our youngsters nowadays do not know how to read Al-Quran!
  • Those who know how to recite did not finish reading the whole 30 juzuk. And their tajwid is a mess!
  • Many parents send their children to Al-Quran classes but they themselves do not know how to read! 
  • Most husband-to-be failed the test when their future father-in-law asked them to be the imam in solat!

There are many more scenarios but let's stop here and find a solution to these problems...


Most of us really want to learn how to recite Al-Quran correctly and beautifully, BUT most of us are not able to do so due to these reasons:

  • Busy with daily jobs and can't find the time to go to Al-Quran class.
  • Totally exhausted after a stressful day in the office. You just want to go home and rest!
  • Embarrass to go to Al-Quran class. Worried what others may think of you... still don't know how to recite at your age!


Insya Allah this Digital Al-Quran will be a great help in your pursue to enhance your Al-Quran recitation and understanding.

  • 1 year warranty for the digital smartpen