Iftar Box in Nigeria (10 Days Iftar Dry Food for Family of 5)

We will stop receiving your contribution on 29 APRIL 2021 or when we hit our target. If you wish to contribute, pls confirm ASAP. We will need some time to prepare this IFTAR BOX. Thank you ūüôā

Your sadaqa will be channelled to logistics and purchase of dry food which will be sufficient for 10 days iftar for a family of 5 in the month of Ramadhan.


  • DATES (0.75KG)
  • MILLET (3.5KG)
  • TAMARIND (0.5KG)
  • SUGAR (1.5KG)
  • BEANS (3.5KG)

We will share photos dan videos of the Iftar Box distributions on our fanpage.

Insya Allah we will accomplish this amanah with the assistance of our trusted partners in Nigeria at these two locations : Kaduna State (North Western Region) and Yobe State (North Eastern Region). 

In collaboration with North Eastern Youth Initiative For Development (NEYIF) and Isah Chikaji Foundation (ICF).

If you need any clarification, please contact us. Thank you :)