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1st Waqaf Masjid Upgrading in Nigeria

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1st Waqaf Masjid Upgrading

Upgrading Works : 

  1. Plastering and painting of interior and exterior walls
  2. Cementing and installation of terrazzo floorings
  3. Installation of new carpet
  4. Repairing existing roofs
  5. Repairing the ceilings
  6. Installation of new doors and windows
  7. Installation of new fans and lighting
  8. Building a new toilet
  9. Minor repairs of other fixtures

Total cost to provide a better environment for these jemaah : S$15,000

We will share photos dan videos of the upgrading progress on our fanpage.

Estimated Commencement Date : December 2022
Estimated Completion Date : January 2023

Insya Allah we will accomplish this amanah with the assistance of our trusted partner in Nigeria, Isah Chikaji Foundation (ICF). 

If you need any clarification, please contact us. Thank you :)