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Aqiqah in Africa - Goat


If you aqiqah with us, you will also get these 3 Waqaf for FREE:

  • Waqaf Al-Quran in Nigeria x 1 Copy
  • 2023 Distributions : Video and Photos
  • Waqaf Telaga Air (Motorised) x Shared with Others
  • 2023 Telaga Air : Video and Photos

  • Weight of goat @ minimum 25kg.
  • The aqiqah will take place between 9-12 Zulhijjah.
  • Your aqiqah will be cooked before being distributed to fakir miskin families in Nigeria or Kenya.
  • Softcopy photos and certificates will be sent to you by WhatsApp, PM, or email (whichever is your preference). It will only be ready by 1st week of July 2024.


Instructions for Ordering via Website

  • We can collect cash at your house if you are not able to bank transfer or PayNow.
  • After placing your order, please contact us via Whatsapp (92974076) or drop us an email us at shopify.ingenious@gmail.com.
  • We need to confirm the FULL NAME of the person doing this aqiqah.


* It is a sunnah (not compulsory) of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to aqiqah 2 goats for a son and 1 goat for a daughter.


Insya Allah, we will accomplish this amanah with the assistance of our trusted partners.

If you need any clarification, please contact us via WhatsApp. Thank you :)