Kerepek Ubi Pedas

DELIVERY : 15-18 APR 2021

This promo is only valid for our FIRST 100 customers or by 21 March, whichever comes first.

Nowadays it is so difficult to get the ORIGINAL kerepek ubi pedas. After many years of searching, we finally found it 3 years ago and this year it is back again! Unfortunately it is quite tedious to produce this and we are not able to offer many. 

Limited stock for our Kerepek Ubi Pedas. We expect this to be soldout fast.

If you purchase our Sedaplicious products @ $100 or more in one order, you will be entitled to FREE DELIVERY (excluding CBD and town area).

  • Please key in SEDAP2021 @ Discount Code Box when you checkout

    Our delivery team will contact you directly to arrange an appointment in advance before they deliver.


    Note : This product is available in SINGAPORE only. All Sedaplicious products are non-returnable, non-refundable and non-exchangeable.