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Sadaqa Hand Tricycle in Nigeria

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We were touched when we saw the condition of the polio victims in Nigeria. Both of their legs have been paralyzed since their childhood. 

There are many ways to be infected with polio such as drinking contaminated water and eating foods that have touched contaminated water.

These polio victims have to walk with their hands. Without a vehicle, they cannot move far and rely on others for help.

Muslim Valley would like to help them with your kind contributions. With these hand tricycles, they can travel and find work to feed themselves.

1 unit : $300 (We managed to reduce the price)

We will provide the photo and video of the recipient receiving your sadaqa hand tricycle. There will be a placard with your name and the recipients will make doa for you.

Insya Allah, we will organize the hand tricycle handover ceremony for the recipients in July 2024 (Batch 7).