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Waqaf Al-Quran in Nigeria

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Batch 3 : These Waqaf Al-Quran will be distributed in the month of October 2021. Insya Allah. 

Waqaf Al-Quran (Batch 2) for distribution in July and August is closed. We have shared photos of distribution at our fanpage.

Below are some videos during Batch 1 distribution of Waqaf Al-Quran in the month of Ramadhan 2021.




These Al-Quran will be printed in Nigeria dan distributed to madrasah, masjid and to those in need.

We will share photos dan videos of the Al-Quran distributions on our fanpage.

Insya Allah we will accomplish this amanah with the assistance of our trusted partners in Nigeria at Kaduna, Kano, Yobe, Katsina, Borno and locations where there are many Muslim fakir miskin.

In collaboration with North Eastern Youth Initiative For Development (NEYIF) and Isah Chikaji Foundation (ICF).

If you need any clarification, please contact us. Thank you :)