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Waqaf Motorised Borehole (Telaga Air)

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For Phase 2, we will be constructing the waqaf motorised borehole at 4 locations. Insya Allah.

Each Motorised Borehole costs $9,000 to construct.

  • Digging of Borehole (50-70m)
  • Metal Tower x 1
  • Plastic Water Tank x 1
  • Diesel Portable Generator x 1
  • Water Basin with Tiles x 1
  • Water Pipe x 5
  • Color Signboard with Metal Stand (Names of Donors) x 1

1 Motorised Borehole = 20 Waqaf Lot
1 Waqaf Lot = $450 (1 Donor's Name)

The constructions will commence in October 2022 and all are expected to be fully completed by March 2023. Insya Allah.

Once the project is completed and commissioned, photos and certificates (softcopies) will be sent to you by Whatsapp, PM, or email (whichever your preference) within 2-3 weeks.




Sample of signboard that will be installed at the waqaf site.


Why is the cost of constructing the motorised borehole higher than other countries in Asia?

This cost is determined by the cost of materials in Nigeria, the difficulty in transporting these materials into remote areas, and the heavy equipment needed to drill deeply (usually between 50m-70m), often through rocky soil.

Please refer to the photos to view the heavy-duty borehole drilling process that we did for our past project.

Below are projects that were done by OTHER organisations, which cost more than what we are able to offer:


Insya Allah we will accomplish this amanah with the assistance of our trusted partner in Nigeria, Isah Chikaji Foundation (ICF).

If you need any clarification, please contact us. Thank you :)